Why Constant Worry is Useless

If you’re traveling or preparing to travel, chances are you were stressed out about your travel at some point. The next day however, you forget what you were worried about. So then what was the point of worrying in the first place? A blog at Dumb Little Man wrote a wonderful article on “Why Constant Worry is Useless“. Here’s a piece from the article:

We live in a culture where everyone seems to worry. Turn on the news – someone got shot, there’s mercury in the fish we eat, the cows have got BSE, a new super-flu is coming, terrorists are regrouping… on and on it goes.

If you take all of this stuff seriously, it’s likely that you’ll never go out, never eat, never travel, or never take any kind of risk at all. But in fact, worry makes no sense at all.

The best experience comes when the unexpected happens. Ive heard many stories from backpackers having everything stolen but then admits that’s when their travels REALLY started.

What was the last thing you were worried about? How did you cope with it?

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Michael Tieso

Michael Tieso travels around the world writing, photographing, and filming his adventures. He is the Editor-in-chief of Art of Adventuring.
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