Directly in the middle of the ecuador, water goes straight down when poured into a bowl with a hole at the bottom. Step a few away and the water starts to spin clockwise or counterclockwise depending which side you’re on. Go on the opposite side of the ecuador and it spins in the other direction. The GSP tells us all zero’s. This is the exact middle of the earth.

The museum has several other experiments. I’m not a scientist so I don’t know how this all technically works. On the red line with my eyes closed, I could not walk in a straight line. It was surprisingly difficult without tipping over. Outside of the redline, it was easy.

For our next experiment, we had to balance an egg on a nail. Usually, I don’t balance eggs on nails but I’m going to assume it’s usually difficult. Well at the middle of the earth, it’s a breeze. I balanced it in under a minute. How is that happening?!

Real middle of the earth


A few minutes away by car is a huge monument declared as the middle of the earth. It’s enormous. Built between 1979 and 1982, they thought they had figured out the exact middle. It was as center as they could figure out. The french first figured out this location in 1743. Now the monument and its surrounding area is filled with tourists, restaurants, and souvenirs. Almost like an entire small neighborhood. Reminded me of a theme park but the only attraction was really the monument and the museum inside which I didn’t go in. Apparently the museum holds history of the tribes that were in that area.


Balancing an egg on a nail


Crater of the extinct volcano Pululahua


How To Get There and The Entire Journey:

  1. If you have 4 people to go with, definitely take taxi. It’s a HUGE bargain for what you get. We were initially quoted $40USD. We bargained to $30 since it was three of us. Seems to be rare to get this price though. The taxi’s know exactly where to bring you. It’s always the same route.
  2. It takes about 45 minutes from Quito to get there by taxi.  We were gone for about 4 hours in total.
  3. The taxi first goes to the crater of the extinct volcano Pululahua. A small village lives inside the crater. You get a nice full view from the top. Cost $1 to go to the top. Taxi is worth paying for this alone. Takes about 30 minutes in total for this part of the trip.
  4. Next the taxi brings you to the REAL museum. This place is not easy to find if you had taken the bus. It’s actually a far walk. Also really far from Pululahua. Many people seem to skip but the real museum and the crated because they take the bus.
  5. Next is the big monument at the fake location. It’s neat for the pictures but there isn’t much you can do there. Just nice to walk around.

If you take the bus, you won’t be saving much. You’ll spend quite a lot of time trying to figure out how to get to the real middle of the earth and you’ll miss out on the crater. The real attraction to me was the museum than the monument. The monument area just felt like a tiny Disneyland which is kind of cool in a way but I would have been disappointed if that’s all I saw.

Middle of the earth monument. Fake location.



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