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Why you should stay fit before your backpacking trip

It’s true; you'll most likely lose weight on your trip. Being weighed down from a large backpack certainly builds stronger legs. All your adventurous treks and hikes will burn thousands of calories as well. Then there’s the meal when your meals are always on a budget. Does this mean you can eat all you want before you leave and not even bother exercising? No! Why?

5 Tips On How to Avoid Unexpected Spending On The Road

Expect the unexpected; we hear this all too often before and while traveling. You’re at a restaurant and the entire menu and employees don't speak your language. Having difficulty trying to communicate with the resturant employees, you decide to order according to the pictures illustrated on the menu. You received your food and it was delicious way beyond what you had expected. Now the bill comes and your meal was priced at $300USD! This was a mistake on my friend’s part that caused him to kick and scream. Eventually they were able to work on a price.
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