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Tips to get you started teaching English in South Korea

My friend Steve is currently teaching English in South Korea. I've been interested lately in doing the same and thought I'd email him for some tips. The email response back was way better then I had expected. I'll let his email take over:

Why I Recommend You Rent A Motorbike

As long as you know how to drive a car, renting a motorbike is perhaps one of the best and most convenient ways to explore an area. Motorbikes allow easy on and off access and getting in between areas cars normally wouldn’t be able to get to.

Hostel Life

For those who haven’t spent a night in a hostel before, I’ll be the first to tell you… you’re missing out.

Finding Traditional Pizza in Buenos Aires

Looking for all star pizza in the country that takes Pizza serious? Los Inmortales is where you need to go. It is internationally famous bringing in movie stars, celebrities, and others from all over the world for many years.

What To Do On Long Bus or Train Rides

The brutal budget long bus rides are one of the many things we learn to just deal with. It may be a dodgy 30 hour bus ride with no AC in the middle of summer with a driver whom is picking up every possible local from the side of the road for some extra cash. If you're lucky enough it'll be a sleeper bus that way you can attempt to sleep although the roads (if there are any) will send you flying off the bed. As a backpacker, you learn to adapt to your surroundings and make the best out of the journey.

Will tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos change for the better or worse?

Tubing, the ever so popular backpacker activity in Vang Vieng, Laos. A party haven. What’s tubing you ask? You grab yourself a water tube and simply float along the river. Along the river however there are several bars in which you swim yourself over to with your tube. Each bar has it’s own activities and theme. Some bars may have swings, zip lines, music, or mud pits which are an absolute blast.
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