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You just had a little shiver down your spine when you read that, didn’t you? Which means one of two things- either you've traveled in Australia, or you can see the future, and your body is scared.

Should Americans pretend to be Canadian while traveling abroad?

If you've been abroad and especially in a hostel, you've likely heard that some Americans are boycotting themselves as Canadian. United States is in every media outlet around the world. All eyes are on the Americans. With the current war and past presidency alone, it brings up quite a political debate that most of us would like to avoid. There's already a common thought in United States that Americans are usually hated by the rest of the world. Americans are scared of being treated, talked to, and thought of differently than everyone else. So, should Americans just pretend to be Canadian to avoid issues abroad?

What I Hate About Backpacking and Why It’s Not That Bad

It would be a lie to tell you that backpackers are always having the time of their lives. Their are certainly bad days and even days when you miss the luxuries of home. There are hundreds of blogs much like Art of Backpacking telling people around the world how great backpacking is but not much on the negative side of it. One reason could be the positive obviously out weighs the negatives. Even living the dream can be a nightmare.

The Unwritten Backpackers Code

Yes, there's actually an unwritten backpacker code all backpackers must follow. Whether you follow them or not, determines if you're a true backpacker. The community is wide spread throughout the world. We share the common interest of travel itself. The code is simple and known by most backpackers without having to think about it.

7 Things You Do Backpacking That You Should Do At Home

Eventually most of us need to settle somewhere for work and make a home for ourselves. Your travels become memories shared with our family and friends about the journey you had. Then comes the full time work, bills, and other responsibilities you had to never worry about while traveling.

How To Halve The Contents Of Your Backpack

“What advice can you give me about cutting down the contents of my backpack?” That’s the question that my wife, Nicky and I, are often asked by those about to go travelling. Nicky and I first met in Latin America on a round-the-world trip so we are old hands on the backpacking scene. We know the crippling shame and crippled spine that you can endure as you realize you’ve over-packed your backpack compared with other travelers.
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