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Day of the Dead in Mexico

In Mexico the dead are celebrated. So from October 31th till November 2nd, Mexico celebrates by praying and gathering to remember those that have died.
Full Moon Party Buckets

Partying in South America VS SE Asia

Partying is fun and great while traveling but what we often miss are the cultural differences in where we are partying and how we are partying. Has tourists partying in the country affected the culture? Is it hurting the economy or helping it?

The Food of San Mateo County

The trip changed my views of San Mateo and San Francisco Bay Area. It's still home to some of the most innovated tech companies in the world but with an added bonus of incredible food and wine.

Where To Drink in the San Francisco Bay Area

Best places to get a drink in the San Francisco Bay Area/San Mateo county.

The Struggles of Getting My Italian Citizenship

I've been through hell and back since 2011 to get all the required paperwork to Italy for my Italian Citizenship through jure sanguinis.
Roughdraft Brewery

The US Has The Best Beers in The World

I have a mission to tell the world that the US has the best beers in the world because it's true.
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