The recession crushed dreams.

Dreams of retirement… or getting rich in the next tech IPO… or even the dream of a better life for your kids.

For my wife and I, however, the recession was different.

It was the best thing that ever happened to us.

And you know what? It can be the same for you.

Why The Economic Collapse Changed Our Lives Forever

Four years ago things were looking rough. I owned two rental properties – both of which were underwater –  was unemployed and desperate for work.

Somehow I landed not one but two jobs: a travel agent during the day and a waiter at a fine dining restaurant at night.

It sucked.

But you what? Those two jobs helped me pay off my debt and save up for our first big trip: a year long honeymoon through Southeast Asia.

That was in 2009… when the economy tanked. Unemployment hit double digits in the US (many friends back home couldn’t find any kind of work) while the housing market collapsed. Gas prices increased. And suddenly day to day life in the US just got a whole lot harder.

Or so we heard.


Adventure Capitalist: A New Way of Looking At The World

Living in Southeast Asia gave us a fresh perspective on life. We no longer spent US$500 on gas each month, didn’t have to pay for car insurance, never worried about monthly bills and stopped giving a rat’s ass about “the economy”.

We lived richer – and spent less – than we ever could back home. We ate out three meals a day, traveled when we felt like it, laid out on beaches, scaled mountains… whatever we wanted to do, we did it.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking “OK, I get it… Southeast Asia is cheap. So what? At some point you gotta go back, right?”

Well, yes… you do. But traveling puts something inside you… a sense of appreciation for simpler things in life.

You learn to slow down, to hold long conversations with other people (instead of blindly rushing off). You learn to walk more, worry less and lay off the TV.

And if you want to keep this lifestyle at home, you’ll need to make some changes. You’ll need to escape the “rat race” and thankfully…

Crater Lake

Traveling Is The Fastest, Easiest and Best Way To Become An Entrepreneur

Travel by its very nature forces you out of your comfort zone. You’re exposed to new cultures, smells, sights, flavors and attitudes which change your own views.

My biggest change was this: I wanted complete control of my life. I wanted to work on things I loved, see the world and never spend another minute in the rat race.

I was tired of working for someone else… tired of traffic jams and overpriced “necessities”… and after a year abroad I realized that if anyone was going to change my situation it had to be me.

The Biggest Opportunity…

Returning home I got a job at Google (still not sure how that happened). But even though it was a truly excellent place to work… it was still an office. I couldn’t go where I wanted or set my own hours.

It was then I decided to start working online.

And let me tell you: there is more opportunity to make money online than anywhere else. Even though I was born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, there were more employment opportunities online.


Crater Lake

Because online jobs let you apply anywhere… and the biggest opportunity is EVERYWHERE.

And the best part is, as you work online (either as a freelancer or full time employee) you learn the ropes. You learn the technologies which enable you to work from anywhere… you learn the discipline to set your own hours and actually get stuff done…  and most importantly, you learn skills which can help you build your own online business.

My wife and I started our own online business which we now run from, well, anywhere. (As I write this we’re in Quito, Ecuador).

Are we millionaires? Not yet… but we live a very rich lifestyle filled with world travel and the ability to set our own hours.

Why the Economic Crash Might Be Just What You Needed…

If you’re struggling financially, I understand. I really, really do. But maybe this is a sign (or put bluntly, a swift kick in the ass) you need a change. A change in location, a change in lifestyle or even a change in you.

If you’ve wanted to hit the road… do it now. Don’t wait. Excuses not to go pile up faster than BS in a bull ring.

And if you need money to keep going, look into freelance work on sites like eLance and Guru.

You’ll find getting paid in dollars (or euros, or pounds) while living abroad pays better, gives you more freedom and creates an epically awesome lifestyle.

So what’s stopping you?

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