One of my favorite days while we were in Italy last fall was when we were recommended by Walks of Italy to take their private farmhouse experience in Tuscany. It was by far the best food we had eaten on our trip and it was cooked by us (with lots of help)!

What did we eat, drink, and make?

  • Bruschetta with home made olive oil
  • Saffron risotto with organic saffron from their vegetable garden
  • Tagliatella Mal Tagliate (egg pasta) with organic tomatoes from their vegetable garden
  • Fresh salad
  • Slow cooked beef tenderloin
  • Summer fruit cake
  • Fontanaro 2010 wine made by them
  • Limoncello
They provided us the menu and recipes of everything we were about to cook to take home with us.


They have two super cute enormous dogs and one tiny kitty. It was hilarious watching the tiny kitty play with the giant dogs.


They have their own private wine sellar. Alina seems to know everything there is to know about wine. She makes their own wine which has been passed down from her father. Pretty impressive collection. She said when it comes to wine, you need to spend more then ten euros to get something of quality.


Grilling up the peaches for Lucia’s Summer Fruit Cake. We hand picked those peaches.


Fresh pomegranate growing right in their backyard. They grow a ton of fruits and vegetables. We picked out some spices as well.


Lucia’s Summer Fruit Cake! They like to change things up for every guest so they added a bit of chocolate to the cake after we mentioned how much we love chocolate.


Lucia’s Summer Fruit Cake. It was pretty easy to make. In the background is a few of the items they make themselves including the olive oil and wine.


Fresh water pool just steps away from their house. Not a bad life they got going for themselves.


Almost everything is self-powered. They have an incredible system of being self-reliant on energy and food.


They had a relaxing reading room with tons of information on cooking. It’s a small library and I’d imagine they probably read every book in that room.


The only pine tree in the area.


Not a bad view to chill out in!


After we cooked up a delicious meal, we laid on the hammocks spread out throughout the farmhouse.


Clever way of making dough without a bowl.


Surprisingly easy to make tagliatelle.


Spreading out the dough to make tagliatelle.


Hand cutting the dough to make tagliatelle.


Cut up and made tagliatelle.


One of the best tasting beef’s I’ve ever had. It was cooked exactly the way I like my meat. It was nice and red and juicy.


Fresh out of the oven and still wrapped up is slow cooked beef.


Slow cooked beef unwrapped. Notice how the spices were put on top. It conserved the flavor and spread throughout the beef. Spices included Rosemary, Thyme, Bay leaves, and more. Again, they grew all of those spices.


I’ll take ten slices please…

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Walks of Italy provided us a comped tour in exchange for a review. All opinions are obviously mine. Trust me, the food was incredible.

[question]Have you been to Tuscany? What was your experience like?[/question]

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