Thrill-seekers may be surprised to learn that South Korea is a wonderful choice to get your adrenaline rush while exploring a different country and culture.

Starting in Seoul, adventurers may choose to make their way to resorts near the Han river that offers water skiing, wind surfing, kayaking and more throughout the summer.

A theme park in the center of Seoul is Lotteworld, which offers indoor ice skating, roller coasters and a monorail. The park is targeted towards children and may be less fun for big kids, but it’s a great place to go for thrills on a rainy day in Seoul. A day pass is 35,000 won. Call 82-2-411-2000 / 3400 for more information.

A nearby option for the more roller coaster minded is Everland, a theme park boasting the steepest wooden rollercoaster in the world. Everland is an hour bus ride away from the capital city. An all-day pass is 38,000 won and includes access to the parks water themed rides.

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A bit further afield in the province of Chuncheongbuk-do you will find the epicenter of adventure sports in Korea. The most difficult task is choosing which chaos to explore first.

First up is rafting, rock climbing and hiking in Danyang. The small city is approximately a three-hour bus ride from Seoul. A one-way ticket is about 12,000 won for the regular bus.

Personally I recommend taking the two-hour bus to Chungju, (8,000 won) then grabbing a taxi (10,000 won) or inner city bus (1,400 won) to the Chungju ferry. At the lake board a big boat for a breathtaking two-hour ride to Danyang. Sure, it’s longer and more expensive, but the ferry ride is a gorgeous journey that’s worth the cost (18,000 won).

Once in Danyang rafting is available, you may choose to go in a group or join with another group. The cost is 100,000 won per raft with up to 10 people in one raft. The run is slow and simple so even the most novice rafter is comfortable. In fact it’s such a gentle ride your guide may spend most of the trip trying to throw you in the river. Danyang is a great location for hiking, camping and rock climbing as well since it’s near Woraksan National Park.

Just down the mountain from Danyang is the small city of Jecheon where there is bungee jumping at Cheonchungpeong Land for 40,000 won. At 62-meters it’s the tallest bungee jumping tower in South Korea.

Cheongpung Land bungee jump
Cheongpung Land bungee jump – © Krista Smith

The park has a two other thrill-rides including the Big Swing and the Catapult. You strap into the Big Swing with one, two or three close friends then a winch pulls you up to the top of a tower. The man in the middle pulls the release and you are left soaring over the lake and hills of Jecheon.

The Catapult, not surprisingly catapults you and a friend in to the air for several seconds of bouncing, twisting and hurtling through the sky.

The rides cost 15,000 and 20,000 won respectively. However all three (Bungee, Big Swing and Catapult) are available in package deals. The staff is extremely friendly, speaks English and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

Nearby you’ll find yourself at another wonderful haven of natural beauty to be viewed from up high. In Yanpyung you can go paragliding and powered paragliding in a “flying boat.” As you soar over the mountains and lake you will have a new perspective and appreciation for South Korea’s surprising natural beauty.

So whether it’s coasters, jumping or flying you’re after to get your thrills, South Korea from Seoul to Jeju has a little adventure for everyone.

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