Review of Minaal Daily Bag

With the addition of my new laptop, I wanted a fancy new day bag to go along with it. I needed a bag mostly for city life in Bologna to go out to cafes and short day trips outside of the city.

What I like

  • It’s very light and airs through my back nicely on hot days.
  • The laptop compartment fits my System76 laptop well but just barely. It’s easy enough to take in and out while being super snug. I imagine all newer MacBook’s are perfectly fine. I can even fit my wife’s MacBook on the top part or a tablet while also fitting my laptop.
  • There are two main areas to fit stuff in and several zippers and pockets within them. The wires are kept neatly in the pockets at all times. I have extra wires at home so those just stand in the bag for when I’m on the go.
  • I haven’t used it much but I love the raincover it comes with.
  • It can be used as a backpack or hand-carry mode. The shoulder strap needs to be purchase separately which I don’t have a desire in owning anyway.
  • I purchased the Mobile Toolcase which I probably didn’t need but it’s nice being able to keep my laptop charger separate. My charger takes up the entire bag though.

What I dislike

  • The bag costs $249 USD. It’s by far the most expensive day bag I’ve ever purchased. My reasoning was that this will be a bag that will last a long time.
  • The accessories are also expensive.
  • The fabric attracts a lot of dust and hair. It’s easy enough to clean but keep in mind if you also own a dog at home.
  • Everything falls out of the bag easily if you don’t organize it well. If you’re at the airport, put things that don’t fall out easily into the main laptop compartment unless it’s in the zipped pockets. That way as you go through security you can remove the laptop without having to worry about all the other that may fall out of the bag. My Nintendo Switch goes in the same area as the laptop for example.
  • I’m not sure whether I dislike or like this. There’s a water bottle holder on the inside of the bag. Normally these pockets are on the outside. I’m nervous that I’m putting a beverage inside my bag rather than an outside pocket. I do like that it keeps the outside of the bag clean while still carrying a water bottle.


You can get the Minaal Daily Bag here.

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