Review: EuroHostel in Helsinki, Finland

There isn’t a whole lot of hostels to choose from in Helsinki unfortunately. Luckily although our options are low, there’s still a great hostel you can stay at.

Eurohostel is one of the largest hostels in Scandinavia with over 135 rooms and 255 beds. The hostel is located on a small island region called Katajanokka. There’s a tram that stops directly next to the hostel and the tram car goes all around the city including the train station.

There are two categories of rooms at this hostel. Backpackers category and Eurohostel category. I stayed in the Eurohostel category and I have to admit, this was way more than a hostel room. My room had a TV that included internet, movies, TV shows, and even information on the hostel and setting up wake up calls all right from the TV. This came at a pretty good time for me because I was incredibly sick with the flu so I laid down and watched movies all day in bed. The movies are pay-per-view or a one time fee for everything on the TV. I usually watched the regular television channels because it was free.

EuroHostel Helsinki Hostel

Perhaps one of the coolest parts about the hostel is the sauna. I’ve never stayed in a hostel that had a sauna. It had a very cool atmosphere and played random chill sounds in the sauna for relaxing.

The downsides are that you need to pay for wifi (still affordable) and breakfast. But you save costs because if you don’t need wifi or you have your own breakfast, you save costs in your room rate.


  • If you’re looking to eat AMAZING Nepalese food, ask the front desk for a 10% off flier coupon with directions on how to get there. It’s only three blocks away from the hostel and it’s incredible. The restaurant may seem fancy but it’s actually pretty affordable. Make sure you go hungry as the servings are enormous.
  • The directions to the hostel are not great on the site. I couldn’t find the 4  tram out of the railway station. Take a look at Google Maps before leaving.
  • Have questions? Check their FAQ page.

EuroHostel Helsinki Hostel

Rates are:

  • €24.30 for a triple room
  • €27.10 for a double room
  • €45.40 for a single room
  • About €5 extra for Eurohostel category fancy rooms

EuroHostel is a member of HI Hostels so if you’re a member, you get a discount.

[disclosure]I was invited by Visit Finland on a press trip to Finland as part of a Navigate Media Group project. The room was comped by EuroHostel for review. All opinions are my own, obviously.[/disclosure]


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