I'm back!

I'm bringing it back and with a new direction. While my travel articles will continue, I'll also be introducing a personal touch and new categories to future articles. Most of the guest posts have been moved to Why Wait to See The World. Upcoming articles will include tech, web development, and my life in Italy. I'll be the only writer going forward and will primarily be my personal blog.



Love to travel and learn about the world.


Front-end web developer and all things tech.


Developer on all things WordPress, especially WooCommerce.

I May Have Found The Perfect Backpack

By Michael Tieso

I have three Guerrilla Packs backpacks and have been a fan of their backpacks for awhile. The Voltij was my favorite but after getting their new Samurai bag, this is by far my new favorite backpack in my entire collection.

The Struggles of Getting My Italian Citizenship

By Michael Tieso

I’ve been through hell and back since 2011 to get all the required paperwork to Italy for my Italian Citizenship through jure sanguinis.

STM impulse medium laptop backpack

STM Bags Review

By Michael Tieso

Although I’ve changed the name of the site, I’m still a backpack hoarder. I have a lot of backpacks and I have to admit, my new STM backpack is pretty sweet. This might replace all my other bags as my new day bag.

Roughdraft Brewery

The US Has The Best Beers in The World

By Michael Tieso

I have a mission to tell the world that the US has the best beers in the world because it’s true.

Why US Hostels Need More Attention

By Michael Tieso

Why has American culture not picked up on the hostel culture but in Europe it does so well? Support the hostel industry in the US.

The Iron Horse

Uniques Places to Drink in Milwaukee

By Michael Tieso

If you’re looking to drink great beers and cocktails in Wisconsin, Milwaukee and enjoy it in a fun and cool atmosphere, keep reading.

Art of Backpacking is Now Art of Adventuring

By Michael Tieso

I have decided to rebrand this website as Art of Adventuring. The new name reflects a broader approach to travel. To me adventuring means exploring the world and trying new things, whether that be with a backpack or not. It means covering not just adventure activities but independent travel, off the beaten path discoveries and even the everyday adventure of living abroad.

Summerfest 2013

Behind the Scenes at Summerfest 2013

By Michael Tieso

I went behind the scenes at Summerfest before the doors had opened for the day.


When You Don’t Want To Be a Backpacker Anymore

By Michael Tieso

Four years ago I thought I could backpack the world for the rest of my life. The way I travel has changed over the years. Am I still a backpacker?

A Surprising Visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum

By Michael Tieso

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Harley-Davidson? Mine wasn’t very possible by after visiting the Harley-Davidson Museum, it’s changed my view of the company to something much more positive.