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I'm bringing it back and with a new direction. While my travel articles will continue, I'll also be introducing a personal touch and new categories to future articles. Most of the guest posts have been moved to Why Wait to See The World. Upcoming articles will include tech, web development, and my life in Italy. I'll be the only writer going forward and will primarily be my personal blog.



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Hostel Life

By GrantLingel

For those who haven’t spent a night in a hostel before, I’ll be the first to tell you… you’re missing out.

Finding Traditional Pizza in Buenos Aires

By Michael Tieso

Looking for all star pizza in the country that takes Pizza serious? Los Inmortales is where you need to go. It is internationally famous bringing in movie stars, celebrities, and others from all over the world for many years.

What To Do On Long Bus or Train Rides

By Michael Tieso

The brutal budget long bus rides are one of the many things we learn to just deal with. It may be a dodgy 30 hour bus ride with no AC in the middle of summer with a driver whom is picking up every possible local from the side of the road for some extra cash. If you’re lucky enough it’ll be a sleeper bus that way you can attempt to sleep although the roads (if there are any) will send you flying off the bed. As a backpacker, you learn to adapt to your surroundings and make the best out of the journey.

Learn To Wash Your Hands The Right Way in Singapore

By Michael Tieso

Here’s a sign we caught in Singapore. If you’re educated enough to read the sign, you should be well aware of putting water and soap on your hands to clean it. Could I be wrong?

Castaway Resort, Fiji

Has Traveling Changed You?

By Michael Tieso

Traveling can be an eye opener. Set out to distant lands with very little material goods. Your mind forces you to be social interacting with total strangers. You may have not said Thank You so many times in one day let alone in a different language. Common sense and your natural instincts are used much more often since you don’t have anyone by your shoulder (Mom? Dad?) telling you right from wrong.

Will tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos change for the better or worse?

By Michael Tieso

Tubing, the ever so popular backpacker activity in Vang Vieng, Laos. A party haven. What’s tubing you ask? You grab yourself a water tube and simply float along the river. Along the river however there are several bars in which you swim yourself over to with your tube. Each bar has it’s own activities and theme. Some bars may have swings, zip lines, music, or mud pits which are an absolute blast.

Books to Read While Traveling

By Michael Tieso

I find that travel related books inspire the travel you are already on and continues to give you strength to keep on going. Learning about a new culture before you arrive will greatly enhance your experience and appreciation of your destination.

Why Constant Worry is Useless

By Michael Tieso

If you’re traveling or preparing to travel, chances are you were stressed out about your travel at some point. The next day however, you forget what you were worried about. So then what was the point of worrying in the first place? A blog at Dumb Little Man wrote a wonderful article on “Why Constant Worry is Useless”.

Why you should stay fit before your backpacking trip

By Michael Tieso

It’s true; you’ll most likely lose weight on your trip. Being weighed down from a large backpack certainly builds stronger legs. All your adventurous treks and hikes will burn thousands of calories as well. Then there’s the meal when your meals are always on a budget. Does this mean you can eat all you want before you leave and not even bother exercising? No! Why?

5 Tips On How to Avoid Unexpected Spending On The Road

By Michael Tieso

Expect the unexpected; we hear this all too often before and while traveling. You’re at a restaurant and the entire menu and employees don’t speak your language. Having difficulty trying to communicate with the resturant employees, you decide to order according to the pictures illustrated on the menu. You received your food and it was delicious way beyond what you had expected. Now the bill comes and your meal was priced at $300USD! This was a mistake on my friend’s part that caused him to kick and scream. Eventually they were able to work on a price.