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I'm bringing it back and with a new direction. While my travel articles will continue, I'll also be introducing a personal touch and new categories to future articles. Most of the guest posts have been moved to Why Wait to See The World. Upcoming articles will include tech, web development, and my life in Italy. I'll be the only writer going forward and will primarily be my personal blog.



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car on road

Road Trip in Mexico

By Michael Tieso

We’ve partnered up with carrentals.co.uk to take on an awesome road trip through Mexico. We’re picking up our vehicle in Puerto Vallarta and driving up to the small town of Tequila for two nights then continuing our trip to Guadalajara for another 3 nights or more. We have a pretty open schedule and just making stops along the way to whatever looks interesting during the drive.

Sayulita’s Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Board Competitions

By Michael Tieso

There has been a lot of surfing competitions in Sayulita since I got here in October. March 7th – 9th was the 5th Annual Punta Sayulita Long Board & Stand-Up Classic.

It’s Okay To Not Know What You’re Doing

By Michael Tieso

I taught English in Xi’an, China and I had no idea what I was doing. I walked into the university in China with almost nothing prepared. I just learned as I went along and got better at teaching as time went on.

PocketMonkey Review: It’s Not The Size of the Tool, It’s How You Use It

By Michael Tieso

I’ve been carrying this tool for over six months now and have used it for a variety of different things although mostly for opening beer bottles. It fits perfectly in my travel wallet so it goes everywhere with me. I honestly really love this little thing. It’s been very handy in my travels.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

By Michael Tieso

In Mexico the dead are celebrated. So from October 31th till November 2nd, Mexico celebrates by praying and gathering to remember those that have died.

Full Moon Party Buckets

Partying in South America VS SE Asia

By Michael Tieso

Partying is fun and great while traveling but what we often miss are the cultural differences in where we are partying and how we are partying. Has tourists partying in the country affected the culture? Is it hurting the economy or helping it?

The Food of San Mateo County

By Michael Tieso

The trip changed my views of San Mateo and San Francisco Bay Area. It’s still home to some of the most innovated tech companies in the world but with an added bonus of incredible food and wine.


How I Make Money to Travel The World

By Michael Tieso

I wish I could say that I had won the lottery to travel the world but the reality is I work pretty darn hard for my money. So what do I do?


Where To Drink in the San Francisco Bay Area

By Michael Tieso

Best places to get a drink in the San Francisco Bay Area/San Mateo county.

I Realized Why I Quit My Job

By Michael Tieso

I’ve had a lot of time to think about why I quit my job in 2009 and I’ve finally figured out why I quit my job.