We promised that in 2012, we would take more pictures together. We traveled through South America, Fiji, Europe, and the US this year so we have a lot of pictures together. Having a mission has definitely helped us take more pictures together but I think we could have taken more. Instead what happened was that we took more pictures of each other instead of pictures with the both of us together. Oops!

Of every place we’ve been to, there’s already millions of pictures of the same place somewhere on Flickr. It’s a memory of where we’ve been but it’s not really a unique picture.

No one else in the world has a picture of us together in Fiji. It’s a one of a kind picture and could never be replicated because time has passed and that moment has already been captured. Even if we revisited, a different story would hold true to that picture.

The best pictures we have are the ones we’re in together. It’s be more fun to look back at those pictures. How skinny we were, how much fun we had, how much younger we looked, and even memories of the places itself holds better with pictures of us in them.

So for 2013, we’re going to take even more pictures of ourselves and take more videos as well. We still have awhile in 2012 though so our mission continues.

I think it’s important to remember to take pictures of ourselves in the places that we go to. Make sure you have a little fun with it and take funny pictures too.

Do you take pictures of yourself and/or with your partner often?

Colonia de Sacramento
La playa de los Dedos
Castaway Resort, Fiji
South Sea Cruises, Fiji
Island Hoppers Airplane, Fiji
Boca Games in Buenos Aires
Temple in Fiji
Right after getting engaged in Breckenridge, Colorado
Twin Lakes, Colorado at Top of the Rockies