Learn To Wash Your Hands The Right Way in Singapore

Here’s a sign we caught in Singapore. If you’re educated enough to read the sign, you should be well aware of putting water and soap on your hands to clean it. Could I be wrong?

In case you have forgotten, here are the 8 steps to washing your hands. Skip a step and you’ll have to start over. Memorize and preform these essential steps and you’re on the road to success!

Learn To Wash Your Hands The Right Way
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1. Rub palms together

2. Interface fingers and continue rubbing

3. Rub backs of both hands

4. Interlock fingers and rub mid-joints

5. Rub them in a rotating manner

6. Rub fingertips of one hand on the other palm

7. Rub wrist to mid-upper arm in a rotating manner

8. Dry hands thoroughly

Only in Singapore…

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