Has Traveling Changed You?

Traveling can be an eye opener. Set out to distant lands with very little material goods. Your mind forces you to be social interacting with total strangers. You may have not said Thank You so many times in one day let alone in a different language. Common sense and your natural instincts are used much more often since you don’t have anyone by your shoulder (Mom? Dad?) telling you right from wrong. Ordering food can at times become a mission. Having patience is key to surviving all situations. If you’re traveling solo, there’s no one to complain to and you just simply move forward. Traveling makes you use a part of your brain that wasn’t used at home.

I’m traveling at the moment and I’m not sure if I’ve changed or not. What defiantly has changed though is a bigger smile everyday.

Castaway Resort, Fiji
Castaway Resort, Fiji

Has traveling changed you? If so, how? For the better or worse? While material goods are not as important while traveling, do you still feel the same when you returned home?

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Michael Tieso

Michael Tieso travels around the world writing, photographing, and filming his adventures. He is the Editor-in-chief of Art of Adventuring.
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