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5 Reasons to Make Room for a Travel Hammock in Your Backpack

Ever since spending 3 nights at Rocking J’s Hammock Hostel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, I have been obsessed with hammocks. I was a bit apprehensive about spending the night in a hammock, but it was the cheapest option in town. For only $4 at the time, you got a storage locker, a sheet, and your very own hammock. That super sturdy Brazilian hammock hugged me like a mama rocking her child and I slept the best I had in years.

2010 Best Budget P&S Cameras for Backpackers

Through extensive research, I've put together a list of what I think are the best budget Point and Shoot digital cameras for backpackers. A few things were kept in mind: price, weight, quality, resistance, and size. These five things are essential to all backpackers.

GoLite Product Review – Where Green and Light Collide

I'm often pointed at for carrying such a small towel for after showering. This is because I travel very light. By light, I mean my backpack is carry-on acceptable on most flights and this is the same backpack I used to travel one year around the world. In the backpacker community, we have a common ground of packing light and having little negative impact on our planet. Everything on our back and perhaps even in the front is all we own for many of us, and we love it that way. It goes without saying then, what we carry and how we carry it is the single most important thing for backpackers.

How To Halve The Contents Of Your Backpack

“What advice can you give me about cutting down the contents of my backpack?” That’s the question that my wife, Nicky and I, are often asked by those about to go travelling. Nicky and I first met in Latin America on a round-the-world trip so we are old hands on the backpacking scene. We know the crippling shame and crippled spine that you can endure as you realize you’ve over-packed your backpack compared with other travelers.
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