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Luggage handling

What I Learned About Luggage from Working at a Luggage Store

Many of you are backpackers but at some point you might need actual luggage. Maybe for a business meeting, family travel, or weekend trips. Whatever the case may be, these are some tips on choose the best luggage from what I learned working at the stores.

How To Pack Lighter

Packing light is the key to backpacking. The less you have, the easier you can jump from one destination to another and the less weight on your back. It's just all around better to have less. But you still need to carry the things that are important.
P^Cubed Pants

Review: P^cubed – Pick-Pocket Proof Pants

It's my favorite and most comfortable pair of pants in my backpack right now. I can't remember the last time I've had something this comfortable. Not only do they fit well but they look good on me. I hate money belts so I'm happy to see there's finally a pants I could stash away important things without having to wear those ugly things.

Backing Up and Protecting Your Files On The Road

2 1/2 years worth of pictures, videos, and documents with sensitive information like copies of my passport and social security number. Losing this would be heartbreaking and even worse if stolen. These are the precautions I take and recommend on the road .

How Minimalism Has Helped Me Become a Better Backpacker

Here's a list of ways how becoming a minimalist has helped me become a better backpacker. Everything from selling it all, packing less, and needing less.

My Backpacking Filming Setup

Over the summer this year, I decided to take filming more serious. Independent travel videos are growing but I don't feel it has yet grown up to its full potential. With the fast growing community of videos itself, affordable camcorder options, and easier than ever video editing - it doesn't seem like it'll take long before it's used more often in blogs. I want to get in early.
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