Review of Minaal Daily Bag

With the addition of my new laptop, I wanted a fancy new day bag to go along with it. I needed a bag mostly for city life in Bologna to go out to cafes and short day trips outside of the city.

Review of System76 Oryx Pro Linux Laptop

I switched from MacOS to Linux about two months ago. The transition wasn’t a big deal as I was already familiar with the Linux environment …

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How I Organize My Photos

I am obsessed with backing up, organizing, and making my photos accessible from anywhere. I lost a history of photos a few years ago then told myself I would never lose a single photo again.

What I Learned From Demoing VR to Hundreds of People

I demonstrated virtual reality at Automattic’s annual company Grand Meetup of +400 people over the course of a week. On some nights we went until …

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VR is the Future

I pre-ordered an Oculus Rift for $600 and I’m incredibly excited. I watched the countdown tick on January 6th to 8 am PT as I …

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PocketMonkey Review: It’s Not The Size of the Tool, It’s How You Use It

I've been carrying this tool for over six months now and have used it for a variety of different things although mostly for opening beer bottles. It fits perfectly in my travel wallet so it goes everywhere with me. I honestly really love this little thing. It's been very handy in my travels.
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