When I was invited to visit the San Francisco Bay Area for a culinary press trip, I wondered what we’d eat. Before this trip, I always associated the area with startups and tech innovation. At best I knew the wine was going to be great. So everything was pretty much a surprise to me which I kind of liked.

The trip changed my views of San Mateo and San Francisco Bay Area. It’s still home to some of the most innovated tech companies in the world but with an added bonus of incredible food and wine. I can tell they eat really well over there.

Also I’m jealous of anyone that’s in the area this month because there’s a Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival going on right now.

Scroll through the pictures below and read along. Beware as you’ll probably be hungry after looking through them.

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They make some great cocktails too.

Coffee + alcohol

AutoVino has an incredible collection of cars. While browsing, you can taste of some their wine as well.
The owners of AutoVino had decided that with their wine they also wanted to make their own pizza while lounging around and looking at their beautiful cars.

As you can imagine, a culinary press trip consisted of a whole lot of eating.

Many of our meals had calamari.

What this picture doesn’t show is that we also had champagne with our smores. Truly spoiled here.
Open faced smores. I like my smores burned.
It was so hard to resist not to eat this entire plate.

Since our wedding was just a few weeks away, I had opted for something heathy.

Being from the East Coast, I’ve mocked West Coast pizza for a long time. I was so wrong. They can make some pretty darn good pizza.

[disclosure]Disclosure: I visited San Mateo county as part of a paid media trip by the tourism board in exchange for coverage. I was not paid. All opinions are my own.[/disclosure]