Art of Adventuring

Cost Summary of 11 Months RTW

I’ve finally been able to get a cost summary of how much I’ve spent. It would require way too much work to get it broken down by country though. The money took me throughout Asia, Australia, and South America. I know one things for certain, I’ve spent over the intended budget (Usually happens doesn’t it?) and I’m blaming it entirely on Australia and Buenos Aires (had to blame it on something). Though my plans are hardly a plan, originally I was supposed to go to Australia to work a year and then continue traveling after. Something told me however to go visit my family in Buenos Aires, Argentina for Christmas. Without work in Australia, it gets extremely expensive. The one and a half months in Australia put me over budget including the flight from Sydney to Buenos Aires.


A few tips before I begin… If you’re going to bring to a credit card, don’t or limit how you use it no matter how much you think you may need what you’re paying for. Spend your real money. For my next tip: be cautious with your next destination if you’re on a strict budget. Don’t end up in an expensive country with little money then have to pay even more just to get out. That’s where my poor planning murdered me.

I spent a grand total of $19,568.73USD from May 12th till April 7th.

$1,778.97 per month at an average of $60 per day. That’s more than expected for the destinations I’ve been to.

Why so much?

Though I could have done it cheaper, everything couldn’t have fallen more into place. It seemed as if someone up there was guiding me along to meet unforgettable people, eat delicious food, and see unbelievable sights. Everything was meant to be. Do I regret anything? Nope…

Coming up is where I spent that nice total of $19,568.73USD.