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South Sea Cruises, Fiji

Our Mission to Take More Pictures Together

We promised that in 2012, we would take more pictures together. We traveled through South America, Fiji, Europe, and the US this year so we …

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car on road

Driving Europe – What You Need To Know

A proper road trip over the Disney vistas of Europe is a vastly different experience to inter-railing, especially if you love to drive.
lovers in italy

Road to Romance: Falling in Love while Traveling

Travel-love is passionate and adventurous. No story is complete without a little love in it.

What I Learned from Backpacking the World at 16

When I was 16, I decided I would run away. However, I didn’t just head over to the neighbours house or to the next state. Instead I ventured though Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It was a journey that opened my eyes to the world and changed my life. Not only did I learn the street skills necessary in order to survive and travel with no money, but I also learned about people and life, and in doing so, I learned about myself.
first aid full moon party

Stupid Ways to Die When Travelling

During the Full Moon Party on the Thai island of Koh Phangyan, seemingly intelligent twenty-somethings jump into a skipping rope made of fire. For absolutely no reason. In fact, all travellers, from loose-trousered European liberals to lads on tour, tend to agree that things which seem life threatening when at home are an essential part of going native when abroad.
how to behave in the Middle East, dress the part

How to Behave in the Middle East or any Conservative Country

An enjoyable trip in the Middle East or any conservative country equals knowing how to behave properly. Have fun while respecting local customs with these tips.
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