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Eating on a Budget in Istanbul

Istanbul is a stunning city: clean, green, with ambience of both a modern megapolis and an ancient settlement. It is one of those places that you absolutely can't afford to miss. Like Rome or New York, Istanbul is unforgettable, impressive, and highly enjoyable.

Boroughing for the Best food in London

A sample of crusty Italian bread dipped in rosemary infused olive oil? I’d love one! Fresh blueberries at 2 for 1 pound? What a deal! Anyone who says the English don’t know good food has never experienced London’s Borough Market.

A Day In Lucerne, Switzerland

I sip espresso at the ledge of the bridge and tear off a piece of my baguette to share with the swans swimming below. I wonder how the Lake of Lucerne hasn’t frozen over yet in this arctic winter, and how the people standing around can possibly bare their fingers exposed to smoke cigarettes. Since arriving in Switzerland, I've gotten used to the constant stream of tobacco in the city air. I’ve even indulged on a few occasions; it’s hard not to when one in three residents smokes. Nearly everyone offers me a drag or a even a whole cigarette on a daily basis.

Drinking in Dalmatia, Croatia

So you find yourself in Croatia and thirsty for some booze. But where to begin? All the beers have difficult to pronounce names. The liquor looks deadly and the wine looks iffy. Let’s start with the beer, the least terrifying drink for a backpacker.

Top Five Things To Do In Turkey – Away From The Beach

Turkey has seen a boom in tourism in recent years, largely thanks to the weakening of the pound against the Euro, with nearly 1.6 million UK residents taking a holiday to Turkey in 2009 according to the Office for National Statistics - and all signs are pointing towards 2010 being another busy year for the Aegean country.
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