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Carpigiani Gelato University

Gelato University in Bologna

I attended a class at Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy. Yes, this does exist and it's a wonderful place. I may have eaten too much gelato too.
Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica: The Ancient Roman City You Can Feel

Ostia Antica was a thriving city outside of ancient Rome. Most of the buildings are from 3rd century BC. Today Ostia Antica is a well preserved huge archeological site and is often missed when tourists visit Rome.
Rome, Italy

The VIP Colosseum Tour in Rome

This is part of the Colosseum you can't get access to normally. This was a very unique tour and I got to see a view of the Colosseum that not many see from.

Quitting My Job to Hitchhike Europe

I wasn't tied up, robbed, or molested. Not one single time. And best of all, my month long journey didn't last a month. It continued for over five months.
Making Pizza in Rome

Making Pizza in Rome

Made a super delicious pizza in Rome, Italy. How often do you read stories of someone cooking pizza while visiting Italy? Short history lesson on pizza too.
home cooked meal

Could I Live in Rome?

It was my second time in Italy but this time I'm traveling to see where I would like to live in Italy once I obtain my Italian citizenship.
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