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It’s Okay To Not Know What You’re Doing

I taught English in Xi'an, China and I had no idea what I was doing. I walked into the university in China with almost nothing prepared. I just learned as I went along and got better at teaching as time went on.

What I Miss About Xi’an, China

It's been two years now and I miss Xi'an, China like crazy. It was an incredible experience and I think sometimes I forget just awesome it was.
Sunset at Yangon.

Burmese Piracy: Rangoon to Pathein

I never really thought Bangkok could come across as 'normal', but touching back down at Suvarnabhuni after three weeks in Burma was a shock of modernity and reliable electrical supply. Next door, it feels as though the 1950's have been vacuum-packed in to the twenty-first century. As you might expect, this made transport a novelty, and a blast, through the course of my trip last March and April.
typical Balinese food - nasi campur

5 Authentic Indonesian Foods You Wont Find in Bali’s Tourist Restaurants

To dig into Indonesia's authentic and best cuisines, you'll have to venture out to local eateries (called 'warung' or 'rumah makan'), night markets and street stalls. At those places Indonesian food tastes much better than at tourist restaurants and costs a fraction of the price. Anyhow, isn't that part of the fun of traveling to new countries?
Vietnamese Coffee

Top 10 Vietnamese Cafes Serving Much More Than Just Joe

Here they served the Vietnamese national drink: “Ca phe da.” Which is basically Vietnamese coffee and canned milk poured over ice, in the same way scalding hot water is poured over meat resembling cannibalism to produce an unsavory soup called “pho.”
China Tiananmen Square

Mao’s Immortal Blemishes

It was a world away from our families in South Carolina. I could not help but slow down and reflect on all of the events that happened in this place. Chinese history. World history.
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