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STM impulse medium laptop backpack

STM Bags Review

Although I've changed the name of the site, I'm still a backpack hoarder. I have a lot of backpacks and I have to admit, my new STM backpack is pretty sweet. This might replace all my other bags as my new day bag.

Tips for Locking Up Your Backpack

I always take a few locks with me and you should too. Hostels sometimes provide locks for sale but it’s cheaper to get them at …

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Holiday Gifts For The Traveler at Home

Do you know someone that loves to travel as much as I do but they're not traveling? Here's a few random things I thought were great for gifts.

How To Keep Your Expensive Equipment Safe On The Road

I carry thousands of dollars worth of equipment everywhere I go. Most of the equipment I carry is because of my online business. I keep everything safe.
Luggage handling

What I Learned About Luggage from Working at a Luggage Store

Many of you are backpackers but at some point you might need actual luggage. Maybe for a business meeting, family travel, or weekend trips. Whatever the case may be, these are some tips on choose the best luggage from what I learned working at the stores.

How To Pack Lighter

Packing light is the key to backpacking. The less you have, the easier you can jump from one destination to another and the less weight on your back. It's just all around better to have less. But you still need to carry the things that are important.
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