Breckenridge will always be a special place for Stephanie and I because it’s where I proposed to her. Thanks to Breckenridge Lodge and Spa, our stay in the area was perfect. Everything worked out so well and the skies were bright and sunny for us for all the four days we were there.

I honestly wish there was a place like this near our parents house on the east coast to get married at. It’s affordable and the views straight out of the bedroom window are great. The staff was super friendly (as most of locals in Colorado were). After all, they pretty much helped me plan the whole proposal. It wouldn’t have worked out so well without their help.

Breckenridge Lodge and Spa is located over 10,000 feet / 3,000 meters high so we had some difficultly with the high altitude but luckily other than going up a flight of stairs, it’s a super relaxing place. It’s outside of the main strip of Breckenridge so I’d recommend renting a vehicle to go out and explore. You’ll want to anyway since the surrounding area is beautiful with so much to see.


  • The restaurants on the main strip can be fairly pricey compared to Denver. The quality is great but eating out three times a day can get expensive. There’s a supermarket in town I didn’t notice until much later. Our mountain view room had a basic kitchen although no stove. You’ll save tons going to the supermarket. Still, it’s nice going out to the restaurants at least once in awhile.
  • Definitely rent a car. There’s so many great scenic views in the surrounding area.
  • Take Boreas Pass all the way up the mountain. That’s exactly where I proposed. If you’re staying at Breckenridge Lodge and Spa, it’s just a 5-10 minute drive up the road.
  • At over 10,000 feet high, prepare yourself for the high altitude. See how to deal with high altitude.
  • It’s only around $100 a night at the Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge!

More on our stay in Colorado:


Our view from outside our window in our room
Breckenridge Lodge and Spa on the top
Breckenridge Lodge and Spa
View from my window
Breckenridge Lodge and Spa
The town of Breckenridge

Thank you Breckenridge Lodge and Spa for hosting Stephanie and I and for making our stay perfect and memorable.

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