I’m a huge Boca Juniors fan but I never went to a game. I’d always watch it on television and even had a Boca poster in my bedroom as a child. Most of my family are also Boca fans and I just followed along to what my family liked. Well, I finally went to a Boca game and it was awesome. It was everything I saw on television as a child but in real life.

Everyone in this picture are Boca Junior fans.

The match was Boca vs Lunas. It wasn’t a hugely important game but the crowd went insane regardless. There are apparently over 30 songs the crowd sings to in unison for every occasion including someone getting hurt, hating the referee, cheering for a goal, actual goals, and even individual players have songs dedicated to them. The chants were loud and echoed throughout the stadium. There were so many fans that the only section Lunas had was on the third floor balcony in a small section while Boca had the rest of the entire stadium. I almost felt bad but it’s like this at every stadium in Argentina. The away team has a huge disadvantage on where they are allowed to sit.

Before the match
Grand entrance of Boca Juniors

The first two goals were made by Boca and I was so sure that Boca was destroying them and at the same minute I was thinking that, Lunas ends up scoring a point. Eventually the game ends up in a tie of 2-2. It was an adrenaline rush when they were trying to score just one more point to win the match.

I got tickets by arranging it at a hostel. Boca games are actually for members only. I don’t understand the whole process and perhaps someone could clarify as to why they do this in the comments below. The only way to purchase tickets is by borrowing someone else membership card. My name was Sebastian Dario Isabez and there was a picture of the guy on the card. We went through security and they didn’t seem to care at all. I’m told that this is just how it works and all tourist do the same thing. The cool thing was the ticket we bought from the hostel included transportation to and from the game, a few drinks before the game, and food. The total was 600pesos (nearly $140USD). Expensive but so well worth it.

This is what the stadium looked like an hour before the match.

Surprising, it was tame and organized. It seemed the crazier side was opposite of us but even then, it seemed like it was mostly under control. Another thing was that most tours that were going to the game made sure to come early to put many of the tourist in a certain section and deal with security early on before the true fans came. I did notice more security at this game than at the rally the day before but most of them seemed to have been just laughing and chatting. One of them with a full shielded outfit decided to chat with me in the restroom about how he accidentally almost entered the women’s bathroom because the signs weren’t clear enough so we laughed.

I was a little skeptical about paying $140 but it was worth it. It’s been one of my highlights of our stay in Buenos Aires.

Thanks to David Lee of Go Backpacking for arranging the tickets for us! We had a blast.

Michael, Stephanie, and David


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