ATV Riding

At Huana Coa, the ATV’s were monsters. Nothing stood in their way. We drove through the jungle riding over huge rocks, sand, and ponds that were at waist height. The scercy was beautiful as it changed dramatically from rocky hills to plain open fields. We even passed by a few locals on their own rides along the way. After about an hour of riding, we stopped by a colorful small town call La Noria. I thought it was awesome that somehow we went from riding through the jungle and then suddenly end up in a beautiful colorful town. The town was quiet, peaceful, and painted in a rainbow of colors.


One of the most popular activities in Mazatlan is ziplining at Huana Coa. There’s 9 lines and a 10 meter rappel that drops you nearly straight down at the end. The equipment is safe and the staff are well trained. There’s a professional photographer catching nearly every zip in different angles you can take home with you at the end. Apparently are there jaguars and tarantulas (a non-poisonous version) although none of us saw any. The lines pass through valleys with fantastic views from every angle. Not intensively fast but exciting nonetheless.

Horse Back Riding

I’ll admit that I’m really not into horse back riding (or horses at all for that matter) but Huana Coa does offer it for anyone interested. It’s relaxing and perhaps great for kids. I think it’s great that they do have the option of something less adventurous if the other two are too much.


As the longest untouched beach in Mexico, there’s a whole lot of opportunity for surfers with good waves here.

Mazatlan is a great place for begineer surfers. There are areas with gental waves but strong enough to push you for a good ride and struggle to learn the basics of surfing. There’s plenty of shops in the city center to book lessons through.

If you’re a intermediate or advanced surfer, there’s plenty of awesome areas with good waves to catch. There’s a huge community of surfers in Mazatlan and plenty of shops to take you to all of the best spots. Search on Google for surfing Mazatlan and you’ll get a ton of results and recommendations.

You deserve a drink at the end of all this…

All Huana Coa tours include a tequila tour of Los Osuna. Learn the process of distilling tequila from the blue agave plants that has been in the Osuna family for more than 130 years. For a bonus, try the “to-kill-you” original version which has been distilled to over 100 then dilute it to reduce it’s strength. It hurts all the way through.

Bonus Activity You Can’t Do: Cliff Diving

Jump if you’d like but I can’t guarantee you’ll survive. Located right outside the golden zone are cliff divers risking their lives to provide entertainment and get tips. It’s a family run business and they’ve been cliff diving at this location for over three generations.

For 150pesos, I was about to watch a man jump from a 45-feet high platform, surrounded by rocks, jump into what looked like strong rapid waters. As he was standing up on the platform for several minutes, I was hoping I didn’t pay 150pesos to watch someone kill himself. He concentrated for awhile waiting for the perfect moment to jump as I stood there with my camera ready. He was about to jump into what is usually 5-feet of water deep or less and he had to jump far enough to not hit any of the rocks on the side of the platform. He jumped and his form was absolutely perfect. He made it seem too easy. He survived and thanked us for the tip. Definitely worth it.

Disclosure: I was invited by the Mexican Tourism Board to visit Mazatlan however all opinions are of my own.

Have you been to Mazatlan? What activities did you do there?

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