Travel Splurges Worth Making

Feeling stressed out on the road is multiplied. It doesn’t help that I most likely don’t speak the local language, I don’t know anyone, and my closest friends I met an hour ago.

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Hostel Hell

Hostelling in Paris

Choosing a hostel is a gamble. If you’re like me you cherish the memory of the two or three amazing hostels you’ve been too, where everything comes together as if God himself wanted you to have a life changing social and cultural experience. The sort of hostel that functions as the UN should, with people of numerous cultures cementing their newfound friendship deep in drinks and conversation late into the night. If you are like me you also, somewhat paradoxically, go for the sort of cheap hostels where you find yourself beyond the bus station in a cold dirty dorm with no bed-sheets and no chance of meeting a friend. If you’re like me, in some weird way, you cherish the memories of the worst hostels too.

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Breckenridge, Colorado Will Always Be Special To Us


Breckenridge will always be a special place for Stephanie and I because it’s where I proposed to her. Thanks to Breckenridge Lodge and Spa, our stay in the area was perfect. Everything worked out so well and the skies were bright and sunny for us for all the four days we were there.

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Impersonating Locals: Slow Travelling with Apartment Rentals

We’ve all done it fast: the whirlwind trip. You skid into town and visit a good cafe, an interesting church/temple/museum, a quirky market, sleep in a 5-40 person dorm, strap on the money belt and the backpack, and roll out again on an early morning bus between 24 and 72 hours later. But what about the slow?

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