5 Reasons to Leave the Desk Behind

Into everyone’s life a little malaise must fall. You may find yourself staring blankly at your monitor, doodling on a notepad during meetings, or popping your head up over the edge of your cubicle to catch a glimpse of the outside world through openings that are more like arrow loops in a castle wall than actual windows. And yet, you continue the grind, rising early, putting in your time, and returning home to microwave dinners and a barrage of mind-numbing prime-time television. Wake up!!! What the heck are you doing with your life? Although this is the path that many adults have chosen, there is a better way to live your life, and all you need is whatever can fit in a backpack. So pick a destination, make your travel arrangements, and pack light, because there are plenty of reasons to say Sayonara to your desk and head into the great blue yonder.

Bad Desk Job
Bad Desk Job by Carol Montrose
  1. Make a positive change in your life. There’s no need to let life pass you by in a series of days that blend together until you don’t even know what month it is, much less what day. People were not meant to be sedentary. And if you hold with the saying “variety is the spice of life”, then why are you limiting yourself to salt? Leave the bland behind and take a trek that will help you to realize the many possibilities you were missing out on.
  2. Conquer your fears. People tend to settle into the familiar and grow to fear change. But the thing you should be most afraid of is reaching the end of your life and regretting the things you didn’t do. Every journey starts with a step, and yours might be facing your fears. Will you have a job when you return? Will you get stranded in a foreign country? Will you be able to make your way? These are all valid questions, but if you plan ahead and stay flexible, you stand to overcome your fears and truly enjoy all that life has to offer.
  3. Fulfill your bucket list. Everyone has at least one destination on their bucket list. Maybe you want to drink French wine at the Eiffel Tower, climb to the top of Mount Whitney, go on an African safari, or witness a cherry blossom festival in Japan. Well, what’s stopping you? If you’re going to get it all done before you die, you’d better get a move on.
  4. Get away from the mundane and be spontaneous. Life tends to fall into predictable patterns for most people. There are occasional interruptions, but on the whole, working, running errands, and seeing the same people day in and day out can be vaguely satisfying but mostly mundane. So do something spontaneous. Pick a point on the map and set out on an adventure.
  5. Experience new people and cultures. At the end of the day, humans are social creatures. We crave the company of others and often, our ability to share is what makes life worthwhile. To that end, travel is an excellent way to meet a diverse array of people and open your mind to the many differences that separate us, and the many similarities that bring us together.

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