4 More Things Vietnam Should Be Famous For

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Vietnam might be the world’s second biggest coffee producer, but the coffee it’s really well known for is difficult to find, especially because a weasel has to throw it up first. Also called palm civets, these weasels live on bean plantations and feed on berries. Their digestive enzymes strip the berries of flesh and leave beans that the creatures then hurl back out for your sipping pleasure. Many say this process makes for delectable flavor… many other say this coffee tastes like bathwater.

Water Puppets

Historically, water puppets have been an integral part of rice and rain ceremonies in Vietnam. These handcrafted wooden puppets are used to satisfy spirits. Today they provide a popular type of theater entertainment. Skilled puppeteers maneuver their puppets in a shallow pool of water from behind a screen to create a perfectly synchronized, energetic performance.

The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta dominates Southern Vietnam. It’s a 15,000-square mile network of channels and streams that empty into the Mekong River. There’s unprecedented peace found in floating along these waterways in a nam pam rowing boat.

Ice Cream

Kem Bach Dang coconut ice cream topped with pineapple, figs and strawberries is ecstasy.


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