Month: September 2012

Sunset at Yangon.

Burmese Piracy: Rangoon to Pathein

I never really thought Bangkok could come across as ‘normal’, but touching back down at Suvarnabhuni after three weeks in Burma was a shock of modernity and reliable electrical supply. Next door, it feels as though the 1950’s have been vacuum-packed in to the twenty-first century. As you might expect, this made transport a novelty, and a blast, through the course of my trip last March and April.

Typical noodle dish in Indonesia

Why do Travelers Eat in Tourist Restaurants?

Quite frankly, I don’t understand why anybody eats in tourist restaurants. Those places are way over-priced, charging two to four times the real prices for local dishes. The food is invariably a westernized version of the real thing, and not nearly as delicious. The settings are ho-hum and blasé. And they’re filled with other westerners. Is that really where you want to be when you visit a new country? Really?

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