From Teaching in Uganda, to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar – by an Africa Addict!

Africa. Just saying the name puts a massive smile on my face.

One of the reasons I love Africa so much is that the names of all the places I’ve been to there sound so phonetically pleasing…stick with me on this one folks. All the places I’ve spent time in either end in an ‘ooooh’ ‘aaaaaahhh’ or ‘eeeeeee’ which makes me smile just saying them; Kenya (ahhhhh) Nairobi (eeeeee) Kembu (oooooh) Uganda (you get the picture)… Leeds, the city I live in, just doesn’t have the same ring to it…sad face.

I’ve been to East Africa three times so far and hope to go back time and time again. Two of those visits were spent teaching English in local schools, in classrooms consisting of me, wooden desks and at least 40 amazing children…quite a challenge, but one I can’t wait to do again.