Month: September 2011

P^Cubed Pants

Review: P^cubed – Pick-Pocket Proof Pants

It’s my favorite and most comfortable pair of pants in my backpack right now. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had something this comfortable. Not only do they fit well but they look good on me. I hate money belts so I’m happy to see there’s finally a pants I could stash away important things without having to wear those ugly things.

Japanese Cuisine: Osaka’s Local Food Scene

Literally every prefecture in Japan has extraordinary culinary offerings, but Osaka is typically regarded by many as the culinary capital of the islands. Osaka is often referred to as the city of “Kuidaore,” which means “eat until you drop” or “stuff yourself until you can’t eat anymore.” It is packed with everything from street food stalls to Michelin-starred, high-end restaurants featuring a wealth of cultural influences. While high-end dining is certainly something I enjoy, it obviously comes with a high-price tag. Exploring local specialties in Osaka is a great way to learn more about the cuisine without spending your entire travel budget on one dinner.

Three Ways to Get Culturally Immersed in Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal, is an interesting hub of contrasts, perched on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean at the westernmost point in northern Africa. It’s modern by African standards, but in many aspects still decidedly third-world. It’s got upscale hotels flanked by streets lined with debris and trash. On the roads, there are Maseratis cruising alongside horse-drawn wagons. This mix of modernity and poverty makes for a worthwhile experience for the traveler who’s longing for a taste of culture outside the Western world, while still having some available creature comforts. Here are three ways to get a true taste of Senegalese life during a Dakar visit.

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