Month: April 2011

A Very Spanish Easter

Last summer I was walking to the beach in Alicante at 1:00 in the afternoon when a drunk British man dropped his trousers and peed into a trash can on the most popular street in town. Do not let this be you. These days it seems everyone and their dog wants to come to Spain, and I sympathize completely. There’s a reason foreigners bombard this country, particularly in the scorching summer months. The weather, the beaches, the sangria, the nights out that end well into the morning…it’s all so tempting that it’s almost difficult not to ditch your own country for a few weeks (or, in my case, years) and visit the land of paella and calimocho (red wine mixed with Coca-cola—not as disgusting as you might think). But there’s no reason to act like an idiot and certainly no reason to reduce Spain’s culture to the availability of alcohol, so my advice to you, world traveler, is this: Come during Easter when you can see Spain and its people truly come to life.

Money is Unlimited. Life is Limited.

Sometimes I’ll create a discussion in my classroom that will not only be part of an English lesson but a way for me to learn Chinese culture. One of my topics was to discuss whether working hard for a better future or working less for a better today was more suitable for their current lives. There was, of course, no answer to this and the responses were mixed. It created interesting responses but one response in particular caught my attention which was that Money is Unlimited but Life is Limited.

Chinese Dumpling Banquet

Xi’an, China is most obviously known for the Terracotta Warriors and for its long history. In food however, the dumpling banquet is one of Xi’an’s most popular dishes that dates back to 25-220 AD. Dumplings are taken to the next level in Xi’an. Carefully mastered, there are dozens of different shapes, colors, tastes, and each cooked in different styles. It’s an art in itself.

How I Sold It All to Travel the World

It was three years ago when I had moved into a brand new apartment after signing a one year lease. After about three months and several bills, I wanted out and to travel the world. In only three months, I had a fully furnished apartment with a 57inch projection TV, 32inch LCD in the bedroom, Xbox, Wii, couches, tables, chairs, a DJ booth (hobby of mine), and so much more. This created some difficulties that I briefly wrote about in another article on how I left the corporate world.

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