Month: December 2010

I Hate Winter

I’m sick just in time for the weekend. Sneezing ten times in a row, coughing, sweats, feeling week, and overall feeling like crap. The weather in Xi’an has been odd. It hasn’t snowed yet and from what I’ve been told, this is the warmest winter it has been in years. Today’s temperature is 45f/7c degrees. Although I’m from the New York City tristate area, this is still too cold for me.

Tips for getting out there and seeing the world beyond the All-Inclusive

As residents of North America we are accustomed to travel on this continent and beyond much differently, in my humble opinion than say our European or Australian & Kiwi counterparts. When we think of travel to the Caribbean or Central America we tend to think of resorts with all inclusive packages, providing us with unlimited food, drinks & activities for a worry free set price. Now while I’m not stereotyping all North Americans (Canada AND USA) there are plenty of lovely Canadians & Americans who are not afraid to pack a backpack and explore the unknown, The numbers are just much smaller.

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