Month: October 2010

Swimming with Humpback Whales in Tonga

Travel writing is rife with “life changing” “unforgettable” or “spiritual” experiences. It’s good practice to approach these with a degree of skepticism; many of us have had experiences like these, all of which are interpreted differently by the participants. Swimming alongside the planet’s largest creatures was different. Floating eye-to-eye with a baby whale 40 times your size stirs emotions you’ll never forget.

Wallpaper me on your cell phone

Last year, when I hiked up Tiger Leaping Gorge, I noticed no matter how high I went or how middle-of-nowhere I felt, there was always cell phone reception. In New York City, I’d go one floor down and suddenly lose signal. Cell phones are just as part of Chinese modern culture as rice is. I have yet to get a cell phone and whenever I’m asked for my number, I’m blankly stared at as if life shouldn’t exist without one. However, if there was one feature that’s abused more than texting, it’s the camera on the phone.

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