Month: October 2010

Golden Gate Bridge by Alex Genadinik

The Scenic Land’s End National Preserve In San Francisco

Arguably one of the most scenic spots in all of California is tucked away on the most north-western part of San Francisco is called “Land’s End” because that is literally the spot where all of land ends and the great Pacific Ocean begins. Travelers visiting San Francisco often go for the main attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf with local seafood, or the historic cable cars, but as someone who has lived in San Francisco for over 15 years, whenever someone from out of town visits me while traveling, I always take them to Land’s End.

Borscht at Mari Vanna by TravelSort

Four NYC Must-Try Spots for Soup Lovers

Fall and Winter, with their chilly days, are perfect for hot and hearty soups. But if you’re in New York City, why settle for chicken noodle when you could be transported to another culture entirely, via a wonderfully fragrant rendition of one of its classic soups? Each of these soups is practically a meal in itself, and I also suggest a few favorite accompaniments. So grab a soup-loving (or simply shivering) friend, and head to one of these four picks.

5 Reasons to Make Room for a Travel Hammock in Your Backpack

Ever since spending 3 nights at Rocking J’s Hammock Hostel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, I have been obsessed with hammocks. I was a bit apprehensive about spending the night in a hammock, but it was the cheapest option in town. For only $4 at the time, you got a storage locker, a sheet, and your very own hammock. That super sturdy Brazilian hammock hugged me like a mama rocking her child and I slept the best I had in years.

A Day In Lucerne, Switzerland

I sip espresso at the ledge of the bridge and tear off a piece of my baguette to share with the swans swimming below. I wonder how the Lake of Lucerne hasn’t frozen over yet in this arctic winter, and how the people standing around can possibly bare their fingers exposed to smoke cigarettes. Since arriving in Switzerland, I’ve gotten used to the constant stream of tobacco in the city air. I’ve even indulged on a few occasions; it’s hard not to when one in three residents smokes. Nearly everyone offers me a drag or a even a whole cigarette on a daily basis.

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