Month: September 2010

Children Beggars and Holy Men in Nepal

The Sadhu moved directly into my path and mimed eating, moving his dirty fingers and broken nails toward his mouth. I stepped around him as though I hadn’t seen him, as though he was a rock or a branch or donkey shit that existed only to be avoided. The three Nepalese villagers behind me were neglected entirely by the holy man, as he went in search of another white western piggy bank.

Five Things to do on Tongatapu, Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is a collection of specks in the vast Pacific Ocean. It’s also one of the few remaining absolute monarchies in the world, and a land of immense churches and modest houses. A place where you can swim with baby humpback whales by day and quaff kava by campfire at night. So why is there nothing to do on Tongatapu, the main island, where you’ve inevitably just landed?

Required Military Training in China

One of the first things I noticed at my university were students in military uniforms. This confused me. Did I just sign up to teach English at a military base camp? The students were lined up on several fields throughout the university. The leader of each group shouted into the megaphones as the students chant and march forward in unison.

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