Month: August 2010

5 Inspirational Backpacking Women (and What You Can Learn From Them)

The urge to see the world has never been exclusive to the male gender. Everyone, at some point in their life, has had the desire to strap on a pack and leave home with nothing but what they could carry, living free on the road to anywhere. It is an idea that is not native to any one culture and that is why those who undertake such a trek are bound to find travelers from all corners of the globe wherever they happen to land.

Bad Desk Job

5 Reasons to Leave the Desk Behind

Into everyone’s life a little malaise must fall. You may find yourself staring blankly at your monitor, doodling on a notepad during meetings, or popping your head up over the edge of your cubicle to catch a glimpse of the outside world through openings that are more like arrow loops in a castle wall than actual windows. And yet, you continue the grind, rising early, putting in your time, and returning home to microwave dinners and a barrage of mind-numbing prime-time television. Wake up!!!

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