Month: July 2010

On set during the Coffee And Milk movie shoot. Steve directs the students while Jae Min and Murat prep the cameras. (Photo: Jung Hun Ok)

Teaching English in South Korea

I’ve just returned from living and travelling overseas for the last year and a half. The typical question I get asked is “How was it?” to which I can only respond, “It was phenomenal!” At some point, the discussion turns to my experience teaching English in South Korea. I’ll sum up my enthusiasm by saying: best. decision. ever.

Is Travel The Easy Way Out?

This is something I’ve been thinking about recently. A lot of people particularly parents for example think that when their kids choose to take a gap year or go traveling around the world for a pro-longed period of time instead of settling down, getting a job and starting a career etc that they are ‘taking the easy way out’ and going galavanting and enjoying themselves choosing fun over the ‘real’ world so to speak.

The White Lady - Auckland, New Zealand

The White Lady

The White Lady only comes out at night, towed by a tractor to Commerce Street in downtown Auckland, just behind the train station and around the corner from Showgirls. With bright Christmas lights along her flanks like a beacon to the congregating barflies, the White Lady has been serving New Zealand’s late night crowd for more than 60 years, piling burgers high with pineapple, eggs, beets, and a series of accoutrement most would never consider atop on a beef patty.

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