Month: June 2010

High Off Drums in Buenos Aires with La Bomba De Tiempo

I love attending music events in different parts of the world. Buenos Aires was no different for me and once I discovered La Bomba De Tiempo, I started to attend this event nearly every Monday. The tribal rhythm is an addictive sound that somehow controls you to move automatically. The conductor may even control you and tell you when to clap, jump, or sing. There’s nothing like it anywhere else and it takes place every Monday in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Volunteer Your Way Through Central America

Though Central America is regarded as a cheap area to travel around some countries are more expensive than others and volunteering can be a good way to save funds and stick around for longer. Other benefits of becoming a volunteer English teacher, helping out at orphanages or conservation work include improving your Spanish and seeing sides to Central America that perhaps would otherwise be missed.

Battle of the Best Ice Creams in Buenos Aires

I do in fact have a second stomach for dessert. Well not exactly but it does seem that way that no matter how full I may be, I always have enough room for dessert. My limits were tested in Buenos Aires, Argentina though. A simple walk down the city of Buenos Aires will get you passing down countless ice cream parlors. It’s extremely difficult to resist and normally I don’t want to resist anyway.

5 Things I wish I knew before going to Mexico

As a popular budget vacation destination, Mexico is often looked upon for its beautiful beaches, great weather and strong tequila. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation as a dangerous city. In recent news, the media shows the devastation of Mexico’s drug wars, kidnappings and poverty. It gives Mexico a bad name, but luckily, backpackers still consider Mexico a place to see. Since it is such a questionable destination, here are some things you might want to know.

Avoiding Travel Scams

Sure, it can be frustrating when you’ve spent 10 minutes trying to convince the taxi driver to turn the meter on, only have a niggling feeling when you see the same restaurant 4 times in 10 minutes that maybe you’re being taken for a ride (literally and figuratively). But really, we’re pretty fortunate to be travelling in a foreign country to begin with, so I try to let the little stuff slide. So here, in my opinion, are some acceptable scams, and a few tips to avoid the ugly ones.

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