Month: May 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

People are wonderful, they really are. The city life can make you doubt this sometimes. We’re all bundled together, forced to wear the suits and skirts, we walk past each other blank faced and thinking only of coffee. We forget the simple wonderful feeling that comes with connecting with someone, enjoying someone’s company, and someone’s stories.

Life at the Edge: Why Putting Yourself in Harm’s Way is a Good Idea

One of my closest friends and I are huddled together, shaking, trying not vomit from the nerves. Yes, we’re both grown men, and there are girls our age present. Why are we doing this? Because we’re in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, stuck in a snowstorm on a paved road with no guardrails, sliding around turns in a van without snow tires 1000 feet above the valley below. We didn’t sign up for this.

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