Month: April 2010

How Backpacking Has Changed My Life

My first experiences travelling I have to admit were kind of boring. It was at an all-inclusive beach resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Don’t get me wrong, the place was awe-inspiringly beautiful, but to me 7 days of sitting at the beach with a bunch of Europeans that didn’t speak English, and drinking free coco-locos got a bit repetitive and lonely for me. Beach, eat, drink, sleep, repeat! Even the novelty of it being a topless beach got old real fast, especially when Euro-Granny walked by……a vision forever implanted in my memory.

GoLite Product Review – Where Green and Light Collide

I’m often pointed at for carrying such a small towel for after showering. This is because I travel very light. By light, I mean my backpack is carry-on acceptable on most flights and this is the same backpack I used to travel one year around the world. In the backpacker community, we have a common ground of packing light and having little negative impact on our planet. Everything on our back and perhaps even in the front is all we own for many of us, and we love it that way. It goes without saying then, what we carry and how we carry it is the single most important thing for backpackers.

Should Americans pretend to be Canadian while traveling abroad?

If you’ve been abroad and especially in a hostel, you’ve likely heard that some Americans are boycotting themselves as Canadian. United States is in every media outlet around the world. All eyes are on the Americans. With the current war and past presidency alone, it brings up quite a political debate that most of us would like to avoid. There’s already a common thought in United States that Americans are usually hated by the rest of the world. Americans are scared of being treated, talked to, and thought of differently than everyone else. So, should Americans just pretend to be Canadian to avoid issues abroad?

What I Hate About Backpacking and Why It’s Not That Bad

It would be a lie to tell you that backpackers are always having the time of their lives. Their are certainly bad days and even days when you miss the luxuries of home. There are hundreds of blogs much like Art of Backpacking telling people around the world how great backpacking is but not much on the negative side of it. One reason could be the positive obviously out weighs the negatives. Even living the dream can be a nightmare.

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