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I like to go out on adventures.

I’ve been traveling for several years while living in different parts of the world and working remote. I'm the maker of Matero, Bologna Living, and Reggio Digital Studio.



Traveler +11 yrs. Currently living in Bologna, Italy.



I have a passion for open-source technology.



Developer on all things WordPress. Formerly at Automattic.

A New Home for Matero

There’s been a lot of changes with Matero in the last few weeks but the most significant change is the new domain. It’s been moved …

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Shipping a physical product is hard

There are so many puzzle pieces to shipping a physical product that I don’t think developers realize. It all happens behind the scenes. I decided …

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Introducing: Matero

As if I’m not already busy enough, I’m happy to announce a new business venture, Matero selling yerba mate. The name comes from the Spanish …

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Introducing: Bologna Living

I remember talking to Jeremy Jones, founder of Living The Dream RTW, about his success with his new business Discover the Burgh while we were …

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How to install Matomo (Piwik) on DigitalOcean

I had a recent spike in traffic but since removing Google Analytics, I had no way to know how much traffic was coming my way. I removed Google Analytics for privacy reasons but I still would like to have some data while still respecting a visitors privacy. Introducing Matomo.

My Linux environment and the apps I used to replace MacOS

I’m subscribed to a bunch of Linux-focused websites and subreddits. I love reading articles about peoples setup, applications they use, and how they customized it. …

My Linux environment and the apps I used to replace MacOS Read More »

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