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Why You Should Seriously Visit Milwaukee

Milwaukee may not be the most glamorous city in the world, and it may not get the kind of love that New York or Chicago do, but there are a ton of reasons to visit this Midwestern hot spot.

We spent a long weekend in Milwaukee this June as mentors at BlogHouse Milwaukee. It was actually our second visit to the city and I found myself falling even more in love with this quirky, fun and genuinely interesting place.

The Beer

There is a reason that Milwaukee is nicknamed Brew City. It’s a historical home to many once-major breweries like Schlitz, Pabst, Blatz and Miller. The only one of those left in town is Miller, but there are many new and innovative microbreweries popping up around Wisconsin. Our favorite is Lakefront Brewery, which is based in Milwaukee and has delicious beer. I particularly recommend the Wisconsinite, which is made with all local ingredients. Even if you’ve taken many brewery tours, the Lakefront tour is well worth your time- it’s absolutely hilarious.

And if you’re not into beer there’s always the classic Old Fashion to fall back on:

The Food (Okay, the Cheese Mostly)


We ate very well in Milwaukee on both of our visits. From high end steak at Dream Dance Steak to lobster rolls at the Milwaukee Public Market, there is a ton of great, locally made and sourced food to try.

Let’s not kid ourselves though, the real star of the show is Wisconsin cheese. Spicy habanero cheese, classic cheddar, smooth stout cheese. And of course the cheese curds, which are best served in the classic Milwaukee dish of deep fried cheese curds. We ate quite a few, but my favorite came from the Rumpus Room on Water Street:

The Party Atmosphere

Maybe it’s because they spend so much of their year buried under deep snow, but Milwaukee knows how to have a good time. In 2013 we partied it up at Summerfest, the biggest music concert in the world.

This year, we spent much of our time at the Potawatomi Casino, a shiny Indian Casino and a great place to lose some money. We lucked out- went double or nothing on red and walked away with $150!

If casinos aren’t really your jam, there were plenty of nice bars around town. I particularly liked Uber Tap Room.