Vote for Art of Backpacking’s New Logo

We’re down to the last stage on 99designs. All we have to do now is select a logo for Art of Backpacking from the many designs that were submitted. 105 entries were submitted by 30 designers. I wanted to go after something simple that conveyed the message of adventure.

Now I need your help! With so many great designs, it’s hard to pick only one. 99designs has an awesome feature where I can create polls and ask for feedback from others. This is one of my favorite features on the site. I selected 8 of the best designs for the poll that I thought matched what we’re looking for. Select 1 to 5 stars then provide a comment below.

What do you think? Which is the best logo? What would you change?

Vote for our new logo here

In partnership with 99designs

  • TravelnLass

    Just voted. I hafta say – the entire concept of 99designs simply ROCKS!

  • ronda

    When I think of your site I enjoy how you are a global backpacker – urban and wilderness! I love the plane and the mountains in the designs, but your love of exploring cultures and peoples is not reflected. But I am not creative, so don’t know how you would incorporate easily.
    In the end pick the one that you like and you feel good with – regardless of a logo, people will be drawn to your site to learn, enjoy, and be inspired!
    Good work!

    • Michael

      Thank you so much for you comment Ronda. Perhaps one of the nicest comments I’ve gotten. Thank you. I needed that.