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I took a break from travel blogging

I had been blogging non-stop since December 2008. There were a few breaks but I always felt extremely guilt not writing an article for longer than a week or two. This blog has by far become the longest “job” I have ever had.

I’m not sure when I started to feel this way but it hit me sometime last year. I didn’t want to my travel blog to be my career anymore. It stopped being fun for me. The problem was that I felt like others would judge me as a failure if I were to stop so I kept on going. I lost motivation and my writing suffered as a result. The content I wrote sucked. It felt like a chore having to write an article here. Rather than writing an article I felt inspired to write, I wrote boring sponsored posts and forced out crappy articles to make my weekly quota of having content up on the site. I hated this.

The feeling was similar to how I felt about my last corporate job. I left that job so I could have freedom to travel and to do what I love to do. I didn’t love it anymore and I hardly had the freedom to travel anymore. I worked 12 hour days and weekends didn’t exist. If I was on the computer, I might be losing money if I don’t do anything else but work. It was horrible because we were living in paradise in Mexico at the time and I didn’t go outside as often as I would have liked.

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and decided something needed to change. I took a full-time job.

I’m incredibly happy to say that I now work for WooThemes since April 15 as a WooCommerce Ninja. And guess what? I still get to travel the world. In fact, I started my job while we were still living in Mexico. The only major difference is adjusting to a regular schedule which has turned out to be a very healthy thing to do. I LOVE my job and the people I work with.

The job is entirely remote thus I can live and work anywhere in the world. Our home is now in Seattle. We still have the freedom to go anywhere in the world but now we have a home that feels so nice to come back to. I feel like we nailed it. We’re both really happy and in love with Seattle.

Both of our careers have really taken off recently. The new job has allowed us to live a life that we have never had together. We have our own apartment, disposable income, savings, and a place to hang up our sovereigns.

What about the blog? Well you may have noticed (probably not) that I haven’t written an article in months. I feel like I owe it to everyone to at least write an article on what was going on. I’ve recently started to feel motivated to write again. Since this blog is no longer my primary source of income, I can focus on the enjoyable parts of blogging for awhile. Although traffic has only decreased slightly since I stopped writing (thanks Google), I can ignore the numbers. I’ll be doing my best to continue to write but I doubt it will be as frequent as it was in the past.

I love the friends I have made through travel blogging and I love the community we have. I will always be a travel blogger and this site will always exist. I’m simply taking a new direction and a much needed break.

A new era for Art of Adventuring starts now.

13 thoughts on “I took a break from travel blogging

  1. That’s awesome! Though your posts have been missed, it’s good that you’re able to focus on endeavors outside of the blog. I wouldn’t mind reading about adventures in Seattle. 😉

    1. Thanks! I’ll definitely be writing more often now that I feel more settled in Seattle. It’s already been a few months here and I’ve done a lot. I love this city so I’m excited to share a few things I’ve learned here.

  2. Kudos, Michael. I’ve always felt that the nomadic blogging lifestyle is unsustainable in the long-term. I love traveling, and I love writing about my travels, but I think human beings on the whole are much happier when we have a sense of balance in our lives. For me, spending time at home with my daughter and my dog, seeing my non-blogging friends, playing music, and working freelance gigs makes the time when I do travel feel more special. We finally came around to the “traffic is ultimately not as important” way of thinking this year, and I’ve been a lot happier as result. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the new gig, and the new approach to life!

  3. Michael, kudos for listening to your gut! It’s time to experience another way of being. I wish you a safe and happy journey along this new path.

  4. Michael, congrats on sorting out your life and scoring a sweet gig in the process. Life is too short to do stuff you don’t enjoy.

  5. I know what you mean. I came to a similar realization when I was living in Buenos Aires, and I am much happier writing and doing photography simply because I enjoy and want to share it rather than thinking about how to monetize it.

  6. Keep up the Good work. Happiness is everything.
    But seriously keep writing on your blog. I enjoy your insight.

  7. Michael, your story is really inspiring. How cool that your life as a digital nomad led you to a career you really love that still allows you to travel. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks so much!

  8. Seattle..we’re neighbors! Glad your able to do what you want (and be location independent when you’d like). A steady income and the ability to travel is a dream come true for many.


  9. Inspirational story! congrats working for Woo theme. It’s one the greatest marketplace for WordPress. Really like woo commerce too.

  10. I can totally understand your point of view. I felt that way before, but I realized what I was unhappy about was all the other stuff and socializing that you have to do when you want to become a pro blogger. I decided that I would do only the thinks I like, which is writing. Since then, I’m in peace with myself.

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